Finals Incoming!


Here at Western Michigan University, we’re a week away from finals. It’s kind of terrifying to think that the end is so near–once I finish my last exam next Thursday (April 28th for those reading from the future), it’ll be time to move out of my dorm room for good and land in the job hunting world.

There’s also, of course, the worry of grades and so on. In past semesters, I’ve found that I could rest easy in the last couple of weeks because I had done really well in the classes. Not so this time–in some cases, I have to get a pretty good grade on a final in order to graduate here.

The other problem is that I don’t have a break on homework. Everything is still in full tilt: one class still has a reading, discussion and normal class session despite the fact that an 8-page research paper is due in just a few days. Another is similar, and two of my classes expect me to do a major group presentation in the next two days.

Given all that, I think you’ll probably forgive me if I can’t focus on much else right now.

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