Life Goals


EDIT: I almost didn’t post this publicly. There’s something sort of personal about all this, and I have a hard time putting myself out there. Sounds silly, but it’s true. So thanks in advance for just taking a look at it.

Alright, guys. I’m trying to work out what this blog will be about, while also holding myself accountable. I’m hoping to keep this short, since there are a lot of these, here we go.

Goal 1: Release Book Trilogy

As I mentioned in my last post, my first book came out in 2013 and I haven’t made much progress since. That’s silly, considering there were supposed to be three. So, for each of the other two books, I’m giving myself a year to write, and around eight months to polish up and release. With a little work each week, that’s plenty of time.

Goal 2: Make a Respectable Living

In my personal notes, I actually have a dollar amount tied to this, and I’m only giving myself about two years to get there. I don’t know if it’s too easy or too hard to get to that specific number, but the important thing is that I hone my skills, hunt for what’s out there, and don’t settle.

Goal 3: Release Dungeon University

This one’s tough. Dungeon University is just getting started, but I think that if I dedicate some real hours to it, I can accomplish this goal in about 2 years. I’d break this goal down into parts, but that would take way more space than I have here.

Goal 4: Get a Game Onto Steam’s Front Page

Hang on. Isn’t this sort of an extension of Goal 3? Well, the game that I do this with may be Dungeon University, or any other one that I make some day. That goal is just to make a game–this goal is to effectively promote a game. I have some marketing to learn.

Goal 5: Physical Fitness

I’m not even a couch potato–if I can avoid getting out of bed in the morning, I won’t. So being able to run for any length of time, lift even a few dozen pounds… it’ll be tough. I have to do just a little bit of work every day. Once I can do one push-up with good form, maybe I can put a number to this.

Goal 6: Romantic Aspirations

I really care about the woman that I’m with right now. After a year and a half, we are quite certain about the future we have together. I have to give her my all and move forward with her in the next few years, and at times, it will take some work.

Goal 7: Japanese Fluency

Specifically: I want to be able to play video games in Japanese without having to stop and look at a guide or look up every other word. I want it to feel more or less normal to me. I’ve taken two years of Japanese class, and I think in a couple more years I’ll be able to do all that.

Goal 8: Stay Sane

Unlike the others, this goal does not have a deadline. In a way, it’s an anti-goal. I want to do the other 7 things without losing everything else I care about, or losing my mind. Tall order? Maybe. But I’ll try.


Thanks for reading, everyone. Do you think I can do it? What goals do you have on the horizon?


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