Leap of Faith


College is safe. You have a routine and you know what people expect of you. If you get everything done on time and go to classes, you’ll get a good grade.

Real life is nothing like that. You have to make yourself wake up in the morning, perform basic actions, and go on the search for that job. I’ve started most of my days by firing off a few applications before moving on to the next thing. The only reason I could stick to that was because I have a rotation of things to focus on each day–social media management, writing, game development, and studying my Japanese.

Within each one, though, I don’t always have clear direction. What skills do I still need in Japanese and social media? How should I keep studying?

Well, I decided to jump right in and see what I have trouble with. For social media management, I’ve been looking at job postings that are in that field and noticed that most employers want someone that knows search engines and the like. That’s a weakness of mine, so I’m going to watch some videos and try to think of some way I can practice.

In Japanese, I realized that American copies of Pokemon X and Y have a Japanese option. Since I already have X, it was just a matter of transferring my favorite Pokemon and starting the game over. When I started it up, there were a lot of words I didn’t know, but after I looked them up, I realized that the game was using a lot of the same terms over and over–allowing me to get the hang of them. Sometimes I can talk to a character in the game and understand everything they’re saying, which is cool. Since this is so hands-on (and fun), I think I’m going to stick to this method for a while.


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