Life Summary


My life is changing. Fast. I’m not usually the most adaptable person, but I’m trying to embrace the chaos. Most of this has already been mentioned, but here it is in one place:

  • Two weeks ago, I asked the love of my life to marry me. The world is thrilled. Now we’re trying to figure out all the details of the wedding.
  • Last week, I started a second-shift position at a factory. I really don’t like it, but it is a little income.
  • A week from now, I officially graduate college. Classes have been done for a while, but the ceremony is coming up.
  • I’m trying–really trying–to continue work on Dungeon University with the little free time I do have left. I want to get it done some time in 2017, and at this scale, that’s going to be a challenge.

This is really making it hard to do things like study Japanese, hang out with friends, or even just relax at all. It’s a miracle I had a few minutes to write this post, frankly.

If you have a million things going on, how do you handle it? I could really use some advice!


Job Update


Since last week, I’ve been employed. That is, a company is paying me money to do work, and I even get a consistent full-time schedule.

However, to me, that’s only the first level. You see, I went through a temp agency to get this assignment, and I ended up taking it despite the fact that I really did not want second shift. Plus, until I get further along, there’s no way of knowing how long this factory is going to hang on to me. So, I consider it simply employment.

The next level I hope to achieve is what I consider an actual “job.” That would be something that’s pretty agreeable to me–nice hours, good pay, and confidence that I would be able (and willing) to hang on to it for more than a few months. That could still be at any number of places–a more generous factory, or maybe even an office setting.

Finally, there’s the career. A career is what everyone fantasizes about, and it’s my true goal for the next several years. With a career, I would actually be using my own unique skills to do something that I cared about, and I’d help the company or project–as well as myself–continue to grow.

My mistake up until now was to assume it would be easy for me to get a “real job” quickly after college, and that I’d move toward a career and probably get it within a year or two. This is silly. It takes many people their entire lives just to figure out what a career means to them, and some, sadly, retire without ever feeling that they did so. As long as I don’t fall into that last category, I ought to be happy with myself.

What level do you find yourself on?

Free eBook is Changing My Perspective


One of the biggest challenges I face is the fact that my own mind is often my worst enemy. During my job search in particular, I was paralyzed by the idea that I had to get a really “good” job the first time, and that I didn’t know how to do that. I almost didn’t propose because I believed that my worth as a person depended on me having a good job.

Even when I tried to reason with myself, the excuses came back, and when I countered one, another would appear, eventually leading my thoughts around in a circle. What I needed to know was “how to break mental loops”–and that’s what I typed into Google. I thought there would be a lot of results, but it turns out most people are only interested in mental “barriers.” But I knew I was facing a vicious cycle, not a brick wall.

That doesn’t mean there was nobody out there talking about mental loops. In Mind Hacking, the one search result I paid attention to, John Hargrave compares these mental loops to the loops used in programming. It’s just one part of his strategy to get past anxiety, laziness, addiction, or any other obstacle that our minds put forth. And the best part? It was totally free. That’s good news for a cheap guy like myself.

So far I’ve read through the text of the book, just seeking to understand it first. Already I can see that it’s going to change the way I face problems in the future. Next is to actually do the daily exercises that it prescribes. As with all my ventures, I’ll report back to you once I’ve gotten further along.

What would you do if you could hack into your own mind?



The lucky guy in this picture is me, and that cute girl is my future wife! She’s been by my side for almost two years, seen me at my worst and still stuck around. Two days ago, she said yes–making that the best day of my life. At least, the best day so far. I suspect our wedding day will be even better!


Getting Started in Game Programming


When I was getting into making a game, I jumped right in without thinking about what I was doing. I watched a few Youtube videos, copied their logic, and then started working from a framework that somebody else had made.

One of my favorites out of the people that I watched was Chris DeLeon. He didn’t just talk about working with some engine or doing a specific task–he clearly understands that making games is a way of life, and not an easy one.

Still, when I got some emails from him about Gamkedo, I was a little skeptical. Gamkedo is an online club that allows you to work with other people on game projects that take a few months each, and you keep rights to your contributions. It is, at the very least, good practice for this field. What made me wonder was the fact that there were monthly fees, and not tiny ones, either. To be on a team you need to put in about $30 a month, and to lead one it’s more like $50. Ouch!

Luckily, there’s also a $10 a month option, which doesn’t actually get you into making the games, but you can keep up with what people are doing. More importantly, you have the training materials. I’m talking about close to 1000 pages of text and at least 6 hours of video.

I subscribed for the first month, downloaded the training materials, and then canceled–I think all that for $10 is a great deal. 3 hours into the videos, I can tell you that this is indeed awesome. So far, the training is in JavaScript, but it’s all clear enough that I can jump back to C# at any time.

My main reason for making this post is really just to tell you that this exists and that I’m really impressed with what I got at this price point. I have no idea if the actual club is any good but, hey, I’m only out ten bucks. You can’t beat that.