Free eBook is Changing My Perspective


One of the biggest challenges I face is the fact that my own mind is often my worst enemy. During my job search in particular, I was paralyzed by the idea that I had to get a really “good” job the first time, and that I didn’t know how to do that. I almost didn’t propose because I believed that my worth as a person depended on me having a good job.

Even when I tried to reason with myself, the excuses came back, and when I countered one, another would appear, eventually leading my thoughts around in a circle. What I needed to know was “how to break mental loops”–and that’s what I typed into Google. I thought there would be a lot of results, but it turns out most people are only interested in mental “barriers.” But I knew I was facing a vicious cycle, not a brick wall.

That doesn’t mean there was nobody out there talking about mental loops. In Mind Hacking, the one search result I paid attention to, John Hargrave compares these mental loops to the loops used in programming. It’s just one part of his strategy to get past anxiety, laziness, addiction, or any other obstacle that our minds put forth. And the best part? It was totally free. That’s good news for a cheap guy like myself.

So far I’ve read through the text of the book, just seeking to understand it first. Already I can see that it’s going to change the way I face problems in the future. Next is to actually do the daily exercises that it prescribes. As with all my ventures, I’ll report back to you once I’ve gotten further along.

What would you do if you could hack into your own mind?


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