Time Management Idea: Time Budget


Have you ever said to yourself that you wish there was more time in the day? In the week, month, or even year?

I catch myself doing it all the time. You’d think that I would know better–after all, I’ve made do with less money than most people think they have, and come out ahead regardless. But time and money are two different things, and I looked at time as much harder to manage.

But why should it be? Both time and money are resources that we get more of, but that we have to use wisely. And both can be expressed in numbers. There are 168 hours in a week, and I typically sleep about 56 and work 40. That still leaves 72 hours–the equivalent of three entire days every week!

As with many other ideas I feature on this blog, I’m only just starting to try it. I’m far from the first person to come up with this, of course, so there is evidence that it works, but I want to try it for myself. So far I’ve done it for the second half of this week, and found that I had a surprising amount of hours for things I never thought I’d have time to do. This blog, for example, was on the list, and I had room to give it two hours, but it really hasn’t even needed one so far.

What’s your time management trick? Think the budget is worth trying?


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