Weapon of choice 


Based on info from some good friends (as discussed last time), it was clear that I needed to try a loose list of things to do each day or week. Let’s see what that looks like in practice.

I started with a simple text list. The problem is, a lot of my tasks involve working on the same thing day after day. It was important that I be able to cross things out…  but I wanted a lot of them back the next day. Not very convenient.

So I tried all the basic apps. AnyDo, Todoist, SplenDO–each was different, but for the most part, they all expected me to pick a specific time and day to do each task. They showed reminders at that time, so if I wasn’t done by then it felt like procrastinating. That’s exactly what I didn’t want!

So, just for fun, I jumped back to an old classic, at least for me: HabitRPG, now known as Habitica. This game has support for everything from one-shot tasks to ones you can click an arbitrary number of times. Repeating tasks are pretty flexible, either by certain days of the week or every X days. So you can have a task that you do every 11 days starting next Thursday, for example. As the original name suggests, it also has a game-like reward system to keep you going.

It does have its down sides, though. The game aspects can be motivating, but later on they’re often a distraction. Plus, unlike other apps, there are no widgets or handy persistent notifications. I have to go in and check it each time. That’s mainly because Habitica is a browser site first and an app second. Overall, not a huge deal, but worth noting if you want to try it.

So far it’s getting me to do about 80% of what I set out to do, which is way better than other methods. It got me writing this post, and might result in you seeing more here, so that much is good.

What do you like to use? Interested in hearing more about Habitica? Weigh in on this in the comments below!


One thought on “Weapon of choice 

  1. I still just copy and paste the stuff I keep doing in a text file. Granted I’m a day behind right now but that’s probably because I slept most of yesterday and did errands the day before.


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