I don’t Noz… or do I?


So I know that all this talk of time management methods (and software) is probably getting a little old, and I promise to get on to a different subject next time. It’s just that I was reading Michael Hyatt‘s Shave 10 Hours Off Your Workweek (a completely free book by the way), and among other tips, he mentioned another software that sounded interesting: Nozbe.

What I like about Nozbe is that it’s extremely easy to sort your tasks by what project they’re relevant to, where you’re able to do them, and by the calendar view. The last one is actually what sets it apart from Habitica–you can just look at any day and see what tasks are assigned to that day, whether they’re repeating or one-offs. By assigning an amount of time to each task, you can see the total time you’ll need to dedicate to Nozbe tasks on each day. To me, that adds a little extra motivation to check it off the list.

There’s also one thing that I didn’t factor in before. This isn’t exclusive to Nozbe–other things I mentioned do this too, but Habitica fails. Let’s say you scheduled a task to do every Monday, but you miss it on Monday. Habitica will penalize you with its game system, but on Tuesday, that task will be greyed out simply because it’s not a Tuesday task. Conversely, if you get it done Sunday and check it off (which you still can), it will reset and expect you to click it again Monday. Not all that smart.

Nozbe, on the other hand, has a persistent instance of the task. Once you complete a task, the next copy will be ready to go, for you to complete early or late. I’m not sure if a really early or late one will affect the schedule or not, since I just got started, but it does make it easier to find a little wiggle room. I’m less stressed this way.

Today’s entry is a shorter one, but I just thought I’d update, since I’d feel bad about leaving my Habitica recommendation on the table if I don’t actually use it anymore.

In other news, there’s a kanji learning meter on the sidebar now, so I can brag about… how much crap I stuff into my head every day.


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