Been Reading: Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner


Recently, I grabbed the Overdrive app and got to work looking at books that my local library has. Basically, if you have a library card, this app lets you do normal library things with digital downloads.

So, for the first couple of weeks, I’m borrowing Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a strategy book for getting really good at any language. Gabriel says that, given about a half hour each day and some extra effort on weekends, you should be able to master “easy” languages in four or five months, “intermediate” languages in eight months to a year, and “hard” languages in one and a half to two years.

Of course, Japanese is a “hard” language, and I’m not completely sure that I have the time prescribed. Right now, my study is a lot of kanji flash cards, and some practice in listening and reading when I have the time. I imagine that this is going to take me in a slightly different direction, given the emphasis on pronunciation and speaking. Still, I’m quite excited to get back to reading it… right after I do my flash cards.

Before I go, are you reading anything interesting lately? Ever tried Overdrive before? As always, I look forward to comments!


2 thoughts on “Been Reading: Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner

  1. I’m curious about what constitutes a language difficulty setting. I would imagine English is hard because it’s so stupid at times. On the other hand, would a speaker of another Asian language find Japanese not so hard, or do languages not work that way? And what difficulty level would be applied to languages made up by people whose native tongue is the same as yours?
    i’m reading a lot of stuff and for some reason it’s an inordinate number of webcomics

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