Let’s Focus


I had a pretty big list of goals on here a few months back. But, as you know if you’ve read my time management posts lately, I’ve had a lot less free time since then. One way of managing that problem: reduce the number of goals I’m going after.

Of course, that doesn’t mean getting out of work. I still need to live! And I’m still excited to marry my fiance, so it’s worth spending time with her every day. Those are technically both related to my goals, but they’re pretty much a baseline routine, so I don’t have to put much effort into it.

So what’s left? Pretty much Japanese and game development. When we last talked, game development referred mainly to Dungeon University. Now? I’m not so sure. I’m going through a ton of tutorials, and I’ll see where they take me. At some point, I hope that I’ll be good enough to go beyond what the tutorial says and make something a little different. There’s no way of knowing what I’ll make, but I don’t want Dungeon University to be the first game I show the world. It’s too big for that.

Japanese is a little more complicated. Despite the fact that that book I was reading, Fluent Forever, wants me to just do everything with flash cards, I have doubts that it’s that simple. I’ll keep studying my kanji during my breaks at work, but then I’ll come home and do something like play Pokemon X in Japanese. I don’t want to put too much emphasis on that–my time at home should be focused on Shelby, game dev, and relaxing–but it needs to happen at least some of the time.

And that’s basically it! If I don’t ask anything else of myself, maybe I can keep my focus on that stuff. At least, I hope so. And you know what they say about telling others what you plan to do: it keeps you accountable. If you don’t continue to see more updates about the game dev and Japanese, yell at me!


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