Well, I’m just about finished with the basic tutorials laid out in Chris Deleon’s book. Out of them, the one that I’m most interested in continuing is its “Warrior Legend,” a sort of top-down dungeon adventure.

CaveBlade Prototype

So, moving forward, that project will be known as CaveBlade. The version that came from the tutorial is now online. There’s not much–not even any actual danger, yet. You can pretty much just walk around, pick up some keys, open doors, and make your way to the exit. Even then, it’s just set up to reset–sorry, victory screens come later.

But it does show that I’ve got the very basics of collision and such worked out. My work in progress does have health, traps and even a basic enemy, but I’m not ready to put that stuff online yet, because it needs some more work in a lot of areas.

The point is, though, that in the next month I’m going to put a lot more into this project, hopefully enough for a good 15-20 minutes of content. Each week, I hope to upload a new updated build and share it with everyone. We’ll see how well that pans out, though, since I’m often pretty bad at keeping up with such things. As with everything else, I ask you to give me a little nudge if I don’t deliver.

But first, if you haven’t already, try this first prototype of CaveBlade.


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