CaveBlade: Combat Update


Warning: terrible graphics ahead!

CaveBlade Prototype

It’s another week of CaveBlade work, and progress is steady. As you can see from the screenshot, I replaced everything with… different graphics. Notice that I did not say “better” graphics, because in many cases they’re really bad. But, all of them are now made entirely by me, which gives me a little bit more right to this game. (In the previous version all the pictures were provided by Chris DeLeon, the tutorial maker.)

Much more importantly, though, there are enemies, traps, and a health meter. The bat flies around at complete random, not really caring about the walls, whereas the zombies are contained to walking areas. The player also has a crude sword swing that can kill them. Also, I added different kinds of keys, to test later. None of this has changed the solution to get out of the room–it just adds a little interest.

As with last week, I uploaded a slightly older version of the game because I’m reasonably sure that this version doesn’t have a lot of bugs. Some things that I have already worked on, but don’t show up in this update, include going off to other rooms, as well as a throwing knife attack. Besides making more actual rooms to test these features in, I’m also working on adding sound to the game. Because of that, it should feel a lot more substantial when I come back next week.

In the meantime, try the current version here.


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