CaveBlade: Puzzle Time?



I’m going to be honest: the method I have of getting CaveBlade online, without paying for hosting, is exhausting to do every single week. Plus, I’m not sure how it would work with sound. To avoid all that headache, I’ve decided to just make it a good old-fashioned ZIP file, so you can just download it.

So what’s new? The game has music and some sound effects now, although not everything is covered yet. Some of them are almost as hilariously bad as the graphics, if you can believe that.

Once that was done, I got a throwing weapon working, though you’ll have to hope for some ammo drops if you want to try it. I made them hard to find because it’s really powerful right now.

And finally, pushable blocks! That took me more effort than anything else so far, but it will pay off in the types of rooms I can build. The blocks can also hold down switches, which turn a special gate 90 degrees to let you through. You’ll have to try the short level available to see what I mean.

Keep in mind that I haven’t tested this release that much. Push blocks are surprisingly complicated, which means lots of possible bugs.

Still, I would love it if you would try it out and tell me what you think. Get it here.

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