CaveBlade: It’s a Secret


This week, due to my grandpa’s passing, I opted out of my usual Throwback Thursday. There won’t be a new CaveBlade build today, either. It just feels a little disrespectful to do something like that right now.

In truth, there are other reasons not to upload one. Basically, I focused on new tiles and enemies this week, plus a few bugs. All my testing was in quick makeshift maps that sort of threw everything together for simplicity.

The month of CaveBlade is almost over! So, starting today, there will be no new features, tiles, or enemies. If I find more bugs, I’ll fix them, but I mainly want to concentrate on creating and testing maps for the game. It doesn’t matter what kind of graphics, sounds, or even programming is in play, unless the player has good levels to explore.

Friday is the 30th of the month, so by that day, I hope to have a final build of CaveBlade to show the world. Sure, maybe someday, when I’m better at all this, I’ll revisit and improve it. But for now, this has to be the limit. That way I can move on to trying other things, with a fresh start in October. What kind of game will I make next? Who knows? I have some ideas but even I’m not totally sure yet.

For the moment, I suppose all I can ask you to do is… anticipate.


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