October Sets In


Okay, it’s been setting in for most of a week now, but the fact is, I’ve been too busy playing catch-up to comment much.

If you remember, my grandfather passed a couple of weeks ago. That was tough on its own, but just when I was recovering from that blow, Shelby and I both came down with a really bad cold, which I’ve already mentioned a little but haven’t really explained.

We both had similar symptoms–sore throat, headache, general lack of energy–but hers started first, and mine came with a recurring fever. Since it’s rare for me to get sick (and we can’t afford to miss more work), I’ve been completely out of commission every afternoon. Once Shelby recovered, she got to taking care of me some (much appreciated!), but overall, we had to neglect even our housework and daily needs.

And so it is that even though I was pretty fully recovered on Monday, I was too busy getting back into the swing of life to post anything on here. My apologies, world. Our regular scheduled programming should be back in order soon!


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