Miracle Springs: Slow and Steady


My art skills have not improved. Sorry if you’re disappointed.

This week has been busy, and at times, exhausting. I kind of figured this month would be like that, which is one reason I picked this style of game. It’s relatively easy because it has some of the same frameworks as CaveBlade, but doesn’t need nearly as much in the way of level design. It’s more of a playground for the mechanics.

As with last week, the result is that I’m taking it slow, adding new features one at a time. The player now has an inventory. They can store items or buy and sell them at a shop, which adds a little more purpose to harvesting crops. In addition, the game now keeps track of how many days have passed, and ends after a certain number.

What’s really cool is that I learned how to save data. I didn’t want to get too complicated with it right now, so basically, the game saves everything when one day ends and the next begins. It will automatically load that data the next time you open the window, and there’s a simple key press to delete everything. That’s all!

I’m hoping to add in some animations and a new title screen, but my main priority for this week is to get animals working. Fans of Harvest Moon know that growing crops is only half the battle–you also have to raise and take care of animals. I have some ideas on how those will work, so hopefully we’ll see some nice cows and chickens when we come back in a week’s time.

One last thing. I decided I’m not putting up builds every week. It takes extra time to get the game to a place where it’s presentable to people, time that I can use to program more new things. Plus, this won’t ruin the excitement (as if there was hype for these projects) before you play the full game. But really, do you even want to play the half-featured work in progress of a new developer? Probably not. So let’s spend the time where it really matters. I’ll see you next week.

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