Miracle Springs: Now with Animals! 


miraclesprings1The promise has been fulfilled, just barely.

As of today, the player of Miracle Springs can buy cows or chickens, and place feed in their boxes to get eggs and milk that appears the next day. The animals themselves don’t really do anything else except wander around the stable area, but that’s okay for now, I think.

The other thing was watering plants. It wasn’t too hard and seems minor, but it makes crops more than set and forget. I thought about adding obstacles like the weeds and rocks from old games that the player clears to reveal the soil, but it’s pretty much the same programming-wise as plowing and watering. Unfortunately, we’re too close to the deadline, so making this really fun or polished is not high on the list. I would rather do things that challenge me.

That being the case, I want to at least try to create an NPC character that has a little bit of dialogue (and possibly can accept gifts). I’m not sure if that will be a huge problem to get done in the last week of the month, but I won’t lose anything by trying. I got this far even though this month has been completely nuts, so my hopes are high.


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