Resource Spotlight: Chris DeLeon’s Course


This post probably won’t count for much, because I’ve already mentioned this stuff quite a few times, but starting now, I want to start giving more credit to the resources that have gotten me this far. So, there’s no better place to start than with the two Udemy courses that got me going on making games.

Code Your First Game is a completely free video course that walks you through the basics of Javascript and the HTML5 canvas. It’s extremely simple and will help beginners quite a bit. By the end of it, you’ll have a nice little Pong ripoff and the skills to mess with it and bring it a little further.

However, the real magic comes in a package called How to Program GamesIt’ll take you through two more games in the video format, but the book that comes with it holds all the secret. From a brick breaking game to real-time strategy, and the framework I used for CaveBlade sitting somewhere in between, you’ll have five more games under your belt. Plus, once you’ve gotten all of them up and running, the book gives you even more tips for making them even better.

Unfortunately, How to Program Games is not free. The advertised Udemy price is $45. That’s not huge in the long run if you’re serious about making games, but if you’re like me, that’s still a big ding to the wallet. Luckily, I got it through a (perfectly legal) workaround.

You see, Chris DeLeon’s Gamkedo club has a membership option of only $9 a month. Every level gets you access to the Udemy course, plus another huge book full of advice for game creators. Once you redeem that stuff, you can cancel your membership. That means you just pay $9 total for all of it–a serious steal, in my opinion.

So if what I’ve been doing looks fun, or even just interesting, keep this deal in mind–but of course, start with Code Your First Game.


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