Oh, I’m Back


It’s kind of funny how I declare that I don’t need a set routine in order to continue doing a particular thing, and then soon after, I completely stop doing that thing. That applies to actual game creation as well as this blog.

I was watching a series of tutorials, and at first I followed along. After a bit, though, the small differences between my version and theirs started to add up, and I couldn’t actually code along with it. So, I gave up and just kept watching, without coding anything. I’ve decided to make some more time each day to make something, though I’m not sure what it’ll be just yet.

As for this blog, it was just a matter of telling myself I’m too busy. I had to work on Thanksgiving, and I knew I was going to, but it’s one thing to agree to the idea of working a holiday and another thing entirely to actually miss the whole event with your family. This turned out to be a particularly important Thanksgiving for a few different reasons, so I felt pretty bad after missing it.

The last week, though, has set me up to both cheer up and finally get back on track with my goals. I’ve realized that external things don’t exist to bring me down, or for me to fight against. I can enjoy my life and still work hard, if I just quit worrying about it so much. Hopefully this is the start of something new.

One thought on “Oh, I’m Back

  1. It’s always the start of something new. For example, I hope next year is the start of something new. I think I hoped this year was, too. I may have even hoped Pokemon Sun and Moon were the start of something new.

    The point is we don’t know if the universe is constantly destroying and reassembling itself every second, all we can do is say things that sound wise but are really just random blatherings, my specialty. I don’t know if this was even supposed to sound uplifting or not.

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