So my priority right now is getting this house cleaned and arranged in a new way, so that it’ll be easier to keep it clean. That said, the task is probably too big for me to do in just one week unless I get some extra help.

Therefore, I’m giving myself a little break this weekend, and trying to recall my previous experience with RPG Maker VX Ace. If you’ve been following me for a long, long time, you may know that that’s where I was originally going to create Dungeon University. When I asked another programmer to help me, I made the decision to switch to Unity, mainly because it was faster, had less issues, and was more familiar to my partner.

Here’s the thing, though: RPG Maker VX Ace probably has at least 10,000 lines of code in it, all working together to make a full turn-based RPG system. Which is what Dungeon University really consists of, plus or minus a couple of extra features. What a whole company did in a few years, I was hoping to have two of us amateurs take care of, and then add in the actual content. Was I out of my mind or what?

Besides, commercial success isn’t really a goal of Dungeon University anymore. I just want the game I envisioned to get made! And if that means a few sacrifices in terms of power, I’m okay with that.


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