Starting Early


Yesterday in the morning, I decided to start doing a little work on the small Dungeon University build and, well, I didn’t stop.

Turns out most of the main features of my game have more or less been done before–I just had to tweak them a little bit. Characters with relationship levels? Pretty common, though using it to affect the character levels took a bit of work. Choosing what skills to go after was just a matter of disguising an existing system.

Let me be clear: I have a timeline that involves me trying to improve my habits for the rest of January before I get to work, then mostly design and research in February. But isn’t that silly? If I want to cultivate a good habit, it should be getting to work on my goals, not finding new ways to procrastinate. So I’m not going to require myself to keep going, but if any more of these feverish workdays come up, I won’t complain.



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