New Perspective


I never really thought about it before, but for the last couple of years, I’ve more or less been hiding my first book, The Third Face. I don’t mean that I stowed every copy away and took down the listings. But out of the people I’ve met since it came out, only a few know it exists. 

Recently, some of my coworkers have discovered it on their own. I’m not sure how, but the information is spreading fast. And most of them ask me something like, “If you have this other talent, why are you working here instead of using it?”

There are basically three answers:

  • It would be a bad idea to quit my day job just to work on a project that’s not even making money.
  • The more I pushed myself to write, the less fun it got, until I hardly liked it.
  • Making video games is more interesting to me right now.

All of these were good reasons to put less emphasis on writing. But were they good reasons to put it off indefinitely? To quit? I don’t know.

Right now, though, it’s a topic worth thinking about. After all, I’m ahead of this year’s schedule for Dungeon University, which gives me some time. (I should probably say more on my progress there, but… Next time!) 


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