Dungeon University: January 2017 Update


So, as I mentioned before, I decided to ditch Unity and go back to RPG Maker. This has been pretty helpful, since a lot of functions were already out there. As I said before, I just had to do some tweaking to make them how I wanted. So here’s what is currently possible in the build:

  • There’s a big, randomly generated dungeon for the player to explore. It’s full of empty chests and super-weak enemies for now.
  • A basic menu lets you choose a subject for each character to “study.” Currently that means there’s one skill that character will learn after gaining enough experience. The funny thing is, after going to the trouble of making this work, I realized that it might not actually be best for my game. Yes, I might actually take the university aspect out of Dungeon University.
  • Experience also increases relationship levels with the character next to them in the party order. That results in the character’s own levels increasing, and also offers bonuses in stats.
  • I have a “support” menu that branches off to each pair of characters. There isn’t much in the way of conversations yet, but as this is just a feature demo I won’t make it too big anyway.

So what’s next? Well, the support conversations need to detect the characters’ relationship level and whether they’ve already been done, so the player can progress through each one. After that, I want to implement “partner bursts,” special skills that take advantage of each pair’s bond. They weren’t a huge deal before, but cutting back on this game’s scale, ironically, gave me an idea that can make it so much better.

What do I mean? Well, you know me. I like to save a little for my next post. See you then!


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