One Step at a Time


So, Zendone turned out to not have a free version at all–once the free trial was over, it kicked me out right away. I suppose I could have paid to keep using it, but after it did that to me, I wasn’t very happy. But, after a little transfer work, I have moved on to Remember the Milk, which I know will offer me a lot more for free.

On a higher level, I’m trying to focus on four main projects:

  • Helping Shelby to get our wedding in order, as the clock ticks toward it.
  • Doing the whole huge “collecting” activity of GTD, which, I hope, will end in also getting the house cleaned up.
  • Working on Dungeon University, so this smaller version can (with a lot of luck!) hopefully come out some time in April.
  • Preparing to write a brand new “first” draft of The Demon’s Guardian, the next book in my series.

But the funny thing about GTD, and the version of it I’m employing in Remember the Milk, is that it’s really not about the big goals. It’s all about the little pieces, the single steps you can knock out in a few minutes, and how they fit together with all the other things you can possibly be doing.

The gist is that as long as I’m doing something worthwhile with my time, and not just sitting there deciding what to do, I’ll make progress. And guess what? This blog post was me doing something. So at least I can say this works some. Here’s hoping I don’t soon get tired of it, let it die, and try the next one that comes along.


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