From left to right, Sam, Ziziere, Mikard, and Chromia. Oh, and a slime in the background.

So today I finally had a day off where I wasn’t busy or sick or anything. It’s very much been a good thing, because I was worried that I could never catch up to my goals in time. Lo and behold, a productive day!

Dungeon University has been the main focus. As mentioned before, I set it up so that the pairs give each other major bonuses, including special “Pair Burst” attacks. Basically, each pair has a set of points (which don’t have a meter yet because it’s tricky), and either character can use those points to trigger a really powerful skill unique to that pairing. Surprisingly, a system like this wasn’t really out there in the wild yet, so I had to use some cleverness to hack together a solution. Suffice to say, I’ve got a way so that one of those attacks, at least, works!

My other time was used to take notes on The Third Face. I’ve been rereading it for a couple of weeks, and now it was time to put down the thoughts and details that I noticed. You’d be surprised at how much I managed to forget! It’s a good thing I found it, though, because there are probably enough loose ends here to fill another whole book, even if I didn’t introduce much new stuff. But I do have new stuff to introduce, so that’s why there are two more books, not to mention the fact that entries tend to get longer as a series goes on. Hopefully this means that The Demon’s Guardian will be relatively easy to write, once I get down to it.

Overall, I am probably being really optimistic right now on both fronts, but for a guy that’s always worried about doing well enough and whether I’ll ever finish, that is a really good thing. Now let’s hope that my house and wedding plans are as cooperative!


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