Little Pieces


Another day off, a little more getting done. Not much to say on The Demon’s Guardian, since it’s just a basic planning phase for now. As you might expect, I’m still way more focused on Dungeon University.

Actually, though, it’s mostly cleaning up. I discovered a bug where the partners wouldn’t update, fixed it, then set out to just make everything look nicer. I also got rid of the “skill study” system from before, since it won’t be used anymore.

The real bulk of the work right now is actually in a much more familiar domain: writing. The game needs a little bit of intro just to make sense, although this version probably won’t have actual story beyond that. But how can I show off the support conversations without actual conversations? So, I decided that I’m going to include at least the first two or three scenes of each pair. That amounts to 18 short scripts that I have to write, followed by the fun of inputting them to the game system.

It’s kind of weird, really. I’ve been programming all this time, and now suddenly I’m back to something that feels way more… design-y. I haven’t decided on what enemies would be best for this, or exactly what special skills each character (or pair) should have. From here on out, I have a lot of content-based decisions to make, and quite a bit of busywork to get it into the game. Maybe it’s good that some of the hard parts are done?


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