Breaking News! 


Today, RPG Maker MV went on sale. A few minutes ago, I learned that I will be getting a little overtime at work. Coincidence? I think not. So, MV is now in my Steam library. 

Where does this leave the prototype/demo I was working on? Well, it basically has all the features I wanted. I could add some enemies and program in the conversations, but that’s just busywork.

The point of a prototype is to make sure the overall design works and is worth pursuing. Well, it works, and my gut says this game will be fun. Why put a lot more effort into a version that I was only going to show to a few people anyway? It’s time to call this one quits and get learning for the real deal.

Starting tomorrow, this proto-demo is officially finished, which means it’s time to work more on The Demon’s Guardian instead. (For the game dev side, I’ll mainly be practicing first.) So, stay tuned for that! 


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