Looking Forward: Spring 2017


Today I’m heading to a wedding, which should be fun – but not as exciting as our own wedding, coming up in June! Although most of it is already planned and set up, I suspect it will still get busier as it approaches. So, that’s going to be my first priority. 

If I had to pick a second priority, it would be going through the built-in tutorials for RPG Maker MV. The reason is simple: they’re straightforward, so I know I can accomplish that goal easily. And a win is always good. 

Finally, since I got the outline ready and all, I should get started on The Demon’s Guardian. Ideally, it would be nice to get a first draft done this quarter. There are 45 chapters, so if I write one a day, I only have to work on it on half the days in these three months. Reasonable? Probably, but if I don’t finish, that’s fine too.

It’s a lot to do, but you know me. Here comes the question: what are you up to this spring? 


5 thoughts on “Looking Forward: Spring 2017

  1. Dang, 45 chapters? About how long do you think each chapter will be? Though if you’re like me that’s nigh impossible to answer.
    I’m hoping to get the second book finished in spring and then continue working on the third and oh yeah play the fig out of Yooka-Laylee.


      • It’s interesting how chapter length varies; that’s a lot shorter than the chapters I tend to end up with. Darmenzi‘s shortest is still like 2000 words, one of its longest… wow, over 5500. That ended at 20 chapters.
        Of course Darmenzi was given chapters to accommodate the new system of posting them online in a serial format, so it was divided into chapters after being written.Wandering Fortunes‘ was outlined with chapters and those chapters ended up often being shorter, although editing has been increasing the length closer to that of Darmenzi. The shortest WF chapter pre-editing is still like 1300 words though.


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