How to Make RPG Maker MV Games Work on Android


Last week I spent my one and only day off trying to figure out what RPG Maker MV could possibly mean when it claims that its games work on mobile platforms, particularly Android. Despite working from morning to night, Googling each and every problem that came my way and trying at least 6 different methods (two of which were considered “official”), I made exactly zero progress that day.

Amazingly, my next search brought me to a program that, long story short, worked perfectly. While it’s mainly a commercial program, Website 2 APK Builder does have a free option that got me up and running just fine. Since I struggled so much, here’s how I did it for anyone who’s wondering:

  1. From RPG Maker MV, click File -> Deployment and export as Android/iOS.
  2. Download and install the free version of Website 2 APK Builder.
  3. Open it up. If it asks you for a key, just continue with free version.
  4. At the top-left, make sure “Local HTML Website” is checked. Give it a name.
  5. Near the bottom-left, click Choose Folder next to Directory of Local Website. Find the “www” folder created in Step 1.
  6. Change any other settings you want. Some might require the pro version, but for just testing like this, only the things I mentioned are necessary.
  7. Click Generate APK in the bottom-right and watch it go! It’s surprisingly fast, depending on how big your game is.

After this, you can install it on your system using the same methods mentioned in the manual, or however else you want. The point is, you now have a working APK file that any Android device can install. Unlike other methods I’ve seen, this shouldn’t result in any errors while you’re working or when you try to open the app. And again, you can get at least a basic one running completely free.


12 thoughts on “How to Make RPG Maker MV Games Work on Android

  1. Stefano

    Thanks a lot for this but sometimes I experience lag on my phone after converting my MV game (and I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Android 7), I have to close and restart the .apk file to fix this and it seems to happen randomly. Any ideas?


    • Sorry, I really don’t. Truthfully, this article is just me sharing the extent of what I discovered. Making the games run well on mobile is kind of an open question that a lot of users are still discussing, I think. I’ll keep watching the conversation as I make more games, and if I do find anything I’ll be sure to get back to you.


  2. Theewin T

    Thank’s very much Phil!!

    I solve many many way to build APK for my MV game, do a lot of things such original instruction > fail code zero (like many others), Use intel XDK but it can not upload my games, Uninstall all sdk all java and reinstall but fail…then I saw your Post!!! and Yech I Got my APK Now

    But problem is when I run my game on my Phone SS Note3 It crash somany time, yes it can run Title but in game it crash and force close , I tried to reduce my game’s size, remove some lag event it improve a bit but after a couple minute then it crash again

    I don’t knopw the problem come from WEB2APK or come from my game

    But I really thank for your program


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