That Awkward Moment


Shelby Quest Screenshot 001

So instead of working on The Demon’s Guardian like I was supposed to, I ended up continuing on my little practice project from RPG Maker MV. It was more or less a joke at first, just featuring random characters from things that I like. The idea was that the player would make a custom character using a plugin, and then that character would search for these other characters before facing the final boss. I was going to use solely the maps provided by RPG Maker MV.

I hit a roadblock when I realized that some plugins completely break down when porting over to Android (I haven’t even gotten to iOS yet, actually). So I couldn’t have a custom character. Then it occurred to me that it might be nice to make Shelby the main character. With her knowing (and loving) this, I can’t very well not complete the game she stars in, can I? That inspired me to give it a little smidgen of story besides the little bits that go with the characters.

So now each character has at least five skills, two sets of equipment, a town and a dungeon dedicated to them. And it turns out that with RPG Maker MV‘s bigger tiles, the default maps actually look huge. I’ve accidentally spent two solid weeks making a world that could probably take several hours to get through–assuming you’re not distracted by the ridiculous amount of treasure I’ve thrown around. None of the enemies or items have any stats attached to them yet, either.

Which leaves me asking myself the question: what fresh hell have I stumbled into now?


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