Back Home 


It’s official. Ten days ago, I got married to someone really amazing. It’s been a true adventure, and I’m glad that I get to share my future with my wife.

I truly enjoyed the wedding and honeymoon, but now it’s time to get back to everyday. Which is why I’m back to this blog, too. So what’s on the agenda now? Well, I was having fun with RPG Maker MV, and I still am, but it’s much more important right now to get our house cleaned. We have a home inspection coming up, so it has to look…  good.

Unfortunately, that means putting off main projects. Hopefully, if we work together and take it one step at a time, we can actually make our home somewhere we can relax.




Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately. I just haven’t been doing much work lately. Between trying to figure myself out (an issue I won’t get into here), trying to keep the house clean and last-minute wedding preparations, it just isn’t the time for personal projects.

By the time I post to this blog again, I’ll probably have already gotten married and be back from my honeymoon. So, see you all on the other side! 

Five Years?! 


If you count the original, crummy grey book that was considered the first edition, it was published five years ago today.

And that’s bonkers! I really don’t even have a real draft of The Demon’s Guardian to work from?! What kind of author takes that long? People are on George R. R. Martin’s case for the gap since his last book, but I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been 5 years yet.* (On the other hand, people have waited much longer for Kingdom Hearts 3, I suppose.)

Anyway, this kind of anniversary is usually marked with a celebration. But I am just going to take this moment to say that I am officially starting to write The Demon’s Guardian today. Plus it’s not really 5 years because that first edition doesn’t count in a lot of ways. So yeah. Happy birthday, Rasuke.

*UPDATE: I was just guessing, and it seems I was wrong. Turns out those books have historically taken quite some time to come out. The last one was in 2011, in fact. Who knew? 

Looking Forward: Spring 2017


Today I’m heading to a wedding, which should be fun – but not as exciting as our own wedding, coming up in June! Although most of it is already planned and set up, I suspect it will still get busier as it approaches. So, that’s going to be my first priority. 

If I had to pick a second priority, it would be going through the built-in tutorials for RPG Maker MV. The reason is simple: they’re straightforward, so I know I can accomplish that goal easily. And a win is always good. 

Finally, since I got the outline ready and all, I should get started on The Demon’s Guardian. Ideally, it would be nice to get a first draft done this quarter. There are 45 chapters, so if I write one a day, I only have to work on it on half the days in these three months. Reasonable? Probably, but if I don’t finish, that’s fine too.

It’s a lot to do, but you know me. Here comes the question: what are you up to this spring? 

Quarter in Review: Winter 2017


Okay, that title sounds really formal and corporate, but I want to at least try this kind of format out for the year. Why not? Let’s at least see how it went so far. 

Early in January, I realized my attempts at using Unity were not working. Game development quickly turned over to RPG Maker, and I designed and got working on a prototype for Dungeon University. 

It wasn’t easy. Quite often, just cleaning the house or even resting took priority. Bugs tended to stop me in my tracks. In the end, the prototype isn’t really a small playable game like I’d hoped, but it does show that I can get the main pieces working together. I also discovered aspects of the game that I didn’t see before, like the wonders of a small scale.

Meanwhile, Shelby has found herself a distraction from wedding planning: she now sells LipSense products. I don’t honestly know a lot about it, but it looks like she’s about to start making some real money now that she’s all set up. I’m really proud of her for all this.

And, of course, there’s that outline for The Demon’s Guardian that I mentioned. That’s just a big step toward the next few months, which I’ll have to cover in another post since this one is basically long enough already.

Overall, it’s actually been really productive. In the short term, I kept getting frustrated about not doing more, but I guess it turned out pretty well after all.

Okay, friends. What have you been up to so far this year? 

The Outline 


Yesterday was a very intense day of working on The Demon’s Guardian. Specifically, I mapped out all the characters into groups and made sure each group gets a complete story arc. Then, I organized those pieces into a description of every single chapter of the book.

Honestly, I set out to get it done that morning because I thought it would just take an hour or two. But before I knew it, it was the middle of the afternoon and I hadn’t even eaten a thing all day. That left me only a little time to try to clean the house. It was more stressful than actually going to work!

But this opens up a lot of possibilities for the future. I had planned to work on this kind of outline right up until the point where wedding preparations take over our lives. This way, though, I could potentially get through a first draft by that time if I worked hard. Which, compared to my previous plan, leaves the second half of this year wide open. Needless to say, I like that. 

Crunch Time? 


The bad news is, I’m totally distracted by Breath of the Wild lately. It’s way more fun than I expected and it can eat several hours at a time. 

The good news is, this kind of starts to show how little time I actually need to make Dungeon University happen. In about a one-hour break, I managed to write the rest of the bonding conversations that will be in the demo. Turns out that “can’t go back to Zelda until this gets done” is pretty decent motivation. I’m going to try to use that more in the near future.