The Real, True, Actual Site


I’ve had a lot of web sites over the years.

My first ever blog ran from the beginning of 2011 to 2013. It wasn’t bad, but I was kind of just posting because I had heard that’s what authors should do. Okay, I lied. It was kind of bad. I was still sort of a kid–can you blame me?

Next I came overĀ to WordPress. It was a good attempt, and I kept posting like crazy, making a real, consistent effort to put out nice posts… for about 8 months. After that, I abruptly fell off the wagon. The blog was only about my books and writing, and at that point I began to realize there was much more to my life than that.

Ephix Media Website

So, I tried to make a general site on Weebly, but without a clear direction, that quickly changed to being an official site for my game design project. Of course, college kept getting harder as I went on, and I was starting to realize that I had to find a real, honest job afterward. It wasn’t that I was abandoning my game design, or even my writing. It was just that I had to focus on other things. So, I neglected that very focused site.

That’s why this blog is going to be all-in-one, instead. I plan to set it up so that readers can easily filter the categories they care about, whether it’s writing, video games, or just me as a person. But it will all come to this site, so even if I’m only focused on one subject for a short while, there will still be some sort of content coming out.

It’s been said that a good blog should focus on one subject. Do you think that always has to be true?