Employer Landing Page


Hi there. You’ve probably been sent here from one of my job applications. If so, you might already know that I’ve:

  • Written over 100 reviews, editorials and news articles for a site called opRainfall (find my work here).
  • Created and assessed social media content for the same site.
  • Earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English at Western Michigan University–while taking the hard classes.
  • Worked for myself to write, produce and self-publish a novel (you can see it here).
  • Had experience in entry-level jobs such as retail customer service.

I don’t go into anything halfway. All of these projects (and more) are proof that when I’m interested in doing something, I take it on myself to find out how, put in the hours it takes, and get it done right. All of them have required me to work hard, coordinate with others, and often put in my own resources. Most had no immediate reward and nobody to make sure I kept going, but I was dedicated enough to see them through anyway.

I want to bring that kind of hard work and passion to your company. I’m not asking you to train me, or to pay up just because I have some degree. Rather, you should see me in action. If I’m missing a skill that you need, I’ll learn and practice it on my own time. I never stop improving.