Shelby Quest Released!


Yes, the little game I’ve been working on is finally done. And due to the magic of, it’s possible to play it on any modern browser. That means that even a decent phone will run it, regardless of whether you’re using Android, iOS or whatever else. (I opted not to make it an app for either in the end, due to some big stumbling blocks I found along the way that would really cost me to get past.)

So yeah. Go ahead and play it! Discover all the ways it’s broken and probably not all that great, seeing as I never really planned for it to have a storyline at all. If you’re playing on a phone or tablet, also be warned that it may have some lag and that the controls are kinda-sorta terrible. If I was advanced enough to begin to fix that, I would, but a bunch of programmers way better than myself have been working on those problems for over a year and I don’t see it ending. So, we’ll have to just live with that.

Overall, I’m fairly proud of this. It’s much more than I ever thought it could be, in a lot of ways. Sure, I definitely have my disappointments, as outlined above, but I also got some unexpected triumphs. Each character just naturally fit into the place that I chose for them, and the enemies, equipment and skills followed suit. At first I wrestled with the question of how to deal with difficulty when the player can just wander around wherever, but some friends over at Habitica gave me a clever solution.

Plus, other than the tiny short-short game I once made about Eibmoz (and am not honestly sure where it is anymore), this is the first time I’ve managed to actually finish and release a game of any complexity. You could also count CaveBlade or Miracle Springs, but those were just little growths from a tutorial and you can honestly complete either one in about 10 minutes. Plus, I never really cared if anyone played those or not, whereas I really hope a few people enjoy Shelby Quest. Even though I’m not expecting that to be more than like five people.

Anyway, let’s quit messing around. I ask of you, please be one of those people and play Shelby Quest!


What’s Dungeon University?


On this blog, there’s going to be a lot of video game related content. Besides my side work reviewing games at opRainfall, I’m also creating my own video game known as Dungeon University.

Wicked Sprout Logo

Dungeon University‘s, uh, “mascot.”

Basically, it’s a turn-based RPG heading to the PC, filled with dungeon crawling and character interaction. Uniquely, each character’s level is the total of the bonds they share with other party members. Between battles and special dialogue sequences, each character will get to know each other as partners, as well as the group as a whole.

As the name suggests, our heroes are college students, but most of their courses are in things like sword techniques or healing magic. You can choose topics to study in order to work toward new and better skills, then take your pick of mysterious dungeons to explore and battle in. As you learn more about the school’s dark secrets, some scary people might come to challenge you…

If you’ve played Persona 3 or 4, or Trails of Cold Steel, it draws a lot of inspiration from them, but I wanted to tie the character links even closer to the battle gameplay.

This is just the overview, obviously. It will take time, but I hope to make this website the home of all things Dungeon University. So, stay tuned!